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Dividing up the house to check it

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You can approach a house survey in 2 simple ways - by service (plumbing for example) or by 'space' - (kitchen, bathroom etc). The second method is used in our checklists and it is a clear step by step system with the advantage that you can easily follow what has been completed.

We use the 'space' method as it reduces the possibility of missing a fault. In the introduction to the checklist, we discuss various items that you will look out for such as drainage, plumbing leaks etc. We expect that you will clean all windows and doors and these are not included in the list.

There is a checklist for each room type (kitchen, bathroom etc) and the various aspects to survey relevant to that room are listed. The garage and external space in the garden is also included. The check points will in part be common across some rooms - plumbing in kitchen and bathroom is an example. You complete each room and then move to the next - if you forget something, it will be obvious on the list and you can retrace your steps.

It is a logical approach to inspection and based on real work experience.

The DIY Home Inspection Check

How long will it take?

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An inspection will take a few hours after you clean up the house and make it accessible. You have to be able to see the walls as that is what a Buyers surveyor will want to see! Services such as electricity and plumbing should be ideally working perfectly for a house sale and these are often items that cause delays in negotiations.

At £20, the Checklist is a small cost to save a lot!

The Buyers Inspection Survey helps you to...

  • Uncover faults before you house viewing
  • Carry out remedial works if you do choose to
  • Know what points to bargain on

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