Sellers preparation for the buyers house viewing and inspection

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How To Prepare for House Viewing

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The first job is to tidy up internally and externally so that the house is actually visible and can be clearly inspected by interested buyers. If there is furniture rather than an empty house, consider putting some in storage if you have a cluttered room - you are selling a group of 'spaces' so let them be accessible to the home viewers - if you can't see the space, you can't sell the space!

In the Checklist, we introduce various topics such as dampness and flooring that should be investigated - these are points that a Professional Surveyor may later check so you don't leave yourself open to surprises or shocks from anybody viewing the property.

Then you need to inspect each room and external spaces - the provides check points for you to control. If you find a fault you get quotations for repair so that you can then fairly estimate each repair has on the buyer.

Should you pay for a house surveyor?

The house will usually be sold subject to surveys and the buyer invariably will take a look around and do the first survey themselves - it is mainly a visual and functional survey and you are preparing for that survey level. Expert surveys such as structural or a gas safety inspection should be left to the experts.

'Home Surveys' advertised are often fairly basic so as a seller you can prepare your house and have it in selling condition without wasting money on checks that you can do yourself.

When you have decided to inspect the house, the next step is the Sellers preparation for house viewing.

The benefits of your Sellers survey

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Waiting for a Buyers Surveyor to visit your house and find problems that may cause the sale to fall though is not the best way forward. As a vendor, you want a speedy sale and money in the bank so a sellers survey makes sense!

If you are lucky enough not to find any defects in your property, you are in a strong position not to budge on your asking price. If you find faults, you avoid surprises and can be prepared to bargain reasonably.

The Sellers Survey Checklist at £20 offers...

  • A method to survey your property
  • Discover repairs needed
  • Gives you a knowledgeable lead in negotiations

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How long does the survey take?

It really depends on the property condition but you should spend at least a day cleaning up and preparing for the viewing. The checklist should take 1-3 hours depending on what you find.

It is best to have someone with you doing the checks to give you an independent view - if you have lived in the property you may not notice the condition of some items - you become 'used to' certain faults and these could be a put off for a buyer.


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