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The Pre listing checklist for sellers

Selling a house means making the efforts to make sure that somebody viewing the house will want to buy it. You have to make it attract them at the first house viewing and we show you how using an easy to understand check list!

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The House Sellers Inspection Checklist helps you to...

  • Prepare the property for sale
  • Be aware of faults that exist
  • Be prepared for Buyers inspections during viewing
  • Prepare for a quick sale

It is a step by step check through each area of the house internally and externally that you can carry out without having to understand and learn about technical matters.

That is where our House Sellers Checklist assists you to sell the house by preparing it for viewing taking a realistic approach to what will capture a buyer!

The inspection is practical, easy to understand and allows you to gauge any problems in your property.

Read about How to House Inspect and Prioritise Repairs.

House Inspection from the Sellers Perspective

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Based on experience in house inspection, the checklist aims to get the vendor to take a neutral view of their property looking through the eyes of a prospective purchaser. Small improvements can make £s and some you probably will never even have thought of.

You have to remove emotional attachment to the property and see why someone else will want to buy it. Their taste will possibly differ to yours but the main objective is to make sure your home 'works' - it can be seen to be a home. For the property investor, it must be easy to maintain and give a profitable return on investment.

With the checklist, you view the property space by space and decide whether to make improvements if problems are found. Alternatively, you can cost the improvements needed (leaking radiators for example) and be ready to bargain on the price when the buyers bid - you don't get caught out and you know what is wrong in the buyers eyes.

The vendor is usually not present during viewing and feedback may not be very clear from estate agents. You can be left wondering what needs to be done to achieve the sale. Preparation prior to opening the house to viewing is essential.

A home survey by you will help you to find what can impact and influence the house sale before anybody else visits at the house viewing - be aware and you are prepared. In a sales transaction, this survey is one of the few matters totally under your control!

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If you are a house buyer, we have a dedicated site for the Buyers Inspection Checklist at House Buyers Checklist

Why survey your house?

You want to minimise your costs, maximise your profit and sell the house quickly. Your survey identifies problems before a prospective buyer giving you the opportunity to repair or assess the cost and how it will affect your selling price.


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